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Welcome to Corrosion and Thermal Solutions. CTS is an industrial contractor who offers cost effective energy conservation solutions. We perform energy audits, return on investment calculations and recommend appropriate insulating techniques and materials for your project in regards to heat conservation and corrosion prevention.

We thrive on challenging projects. Some of our projects have included: making custom ceramic cloth coverings for silicon impregnated stainless piping, using spray applied ceramic over aerogel mat to prevent extreme fire hazards brought on by conventional insulation in extremely dusty and hot environment, insulating outdoor tank farms in Illinois to building a turnkey 6.5 mmgy ASTM spec multi feedstock biodiesel plant.

CTS has been in business for 9 years and has worked on projects from Chicago, Illinois to Miami, Florida. We have earned a reputation for performing quality work safely and completing projects on time. We work with several industries including petrochemical, alternative fuels, food processing, pulp and paper, big box stores, and several government agencies.

Thank you for your support and interest in CTS. We look forward to working with you.


Erik Davis, President
Corrosion and Thermal Solutions, Inc.
am purus. Nullam et metus est.

Corrosion and Thermal Solutions is an industrial coatings applicator who specializes in energy surveys, corrosion under insulation, spray applied ceramic industrial coating that offers several benefits beyond just a radiant barrier coating.